A Day At The Beach


You wouldn't know it now, but at one time Long Beach California was called this because so many folks from Idaho would come out to the town and end up staying. In fact, at one time the entire beachfront area that the tourists love to walk along today was farm because no one wanted to live by the sea. They thought it was unhealthy. Times do certainly change!


While many tourists that you will see along the beach are here for as much fun in the sun as they can get, they are also here to visit Mickey Mouse and friends at the original Disneyland. You can always spot a family that has been there because the youngest is still wearing their treasured mouse ears while riding in the back of a custom beach cruiser bicycle.


You can't visit the beach without a trip to the Huntington Beach Pier, home of The Beach Boys and Sunday afternoon drum circles. Tourists will stand and watch, cameras clicking away, as the drummers and dancers follow their mesmerizing beat all afternoon. Only the setting of the sun will turn the drummers to other ventures and tourists to their hotel rooms.

Greetings From The Beach

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